Organizing Your Paperwork

Dealing with the Flood of Paper


Companies have similar accounting processes; daily, weekly and monthly tasks that can benefit from being organized & then delegated to lower paid staff. Paying suppliers & collecting from customers are two good examples.
Even if you have no staff to delegate to, once you automate these basic processes you will free up time to figure out how to grow your business, cut costs, open new markets, etc. (the interesting stuff).
The symbols Only 4 symbols are used, and one is an arrow. These 4 symbols can be used to illustrate any business process - a great organizing, coaching & communication tool!
Paying suppliers You will need 3 new file folders. Label them as in the diagram. Starting in the top left corner, experiment with how receipts and payments go through the system.
Collecting receivables You'll need another 3 new file folders to track receivables all the way to the bank.
"A/R-2 B received" will hold copies of all the invoices which haven't been collected yet. Makes it easy to find out who hasn't paid.
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