Forms and Files

Tools for Organizing

A collection of forms & tools I use in my business and others that may be useful to you.

Calculate stat holiday pay Stat holiday pay in BC has been simplified, but still requires a calculation to comply with the Employment Standards Act. This Excel 97 spreadsheet will automate the task (Right-click, Save Target to your computer where you can find it again. Then open Excel and File, Open, and point to the location).
Employee time sheet Filling out a time sheet is not very productive time, but BC ESB requires one. Here's an Excel 97 bi-weekly timesheet that can be completed by an employee and emailed to the next person in the payroll processing line. (There is a macro, so scan for viruses before opening).
pdf_logo_trefoil.gifCashout Retail businesses that handle cash (in all its various forms) need to reconcile the till tape or receipt book to the cash that's in the drawer. Here's a comprehensive form that provides for purchases & cash draws as well.
Petty cash form Petty cash is, well, petty, so it needs to be as simple as possible. Use this form as either a spreadsheet, or better yet, a printed form to track your vouchers, replenishment cheques and the balance in the fund.
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